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I just got certified for the HootSuite S

I just got certified for the HootSuite Social Media Dashboard http://ow.ly/klGsH


House Resolution 24 Needs Your Help

House Resolution 24 (which expresses disappointment in the enactment of the ban by the Russian government and urges them to reconsider the law and prioritize those cases in which the family has been matched with a child) needs 10 cosponsors from Foreign Affairs in the House of Representatives. If the Resolution receives the cosponsors, the committee will consider approving it for a suspension vote before the full House, if it has the leadership’s support. Families may review this list of Members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and reach out to any of their Members of the House of Representatives on the Committee who have not yet cosponsored the Resolution. Please note that the following six Members of the Foreign Affairs Committee have already agreed to cosponsor the resolution: Karen Bass (D‐CA), Tom Marino (R‐PA), Joe Wilson (R‐SC), Jeff Duncan (R‐SC), Tom Cotton (R‐AR) and Mark Meadows (R‐NC)

The list of Representatives is on the attachment below.  Please contact your representative if he or she is on the list.  I did!


Texas Couple Cleared in Death of Adopted Russian Son

Ector County, Texas District Attorney Bobby Bland announces at a news conference Monday, March 18, 2013 that the grand jury decided that no charges will be filed against the parents of adopted Russian 3-year-old Max Shatto.

Ector County, Texas District Attorney Bobby Bland announces at a news conference Monday, March 18, 2013 that the grand jury decided that no charges will be filed against the parents of adopted Russian 3-year-old Max Shatto.

So, Russian officials expressed “disbelief Tuesday with an American grand jury’s decision not to charge a Texas couple in the death of their 3-year-old adopted son from Russia after a prosecutor concluded his fatal injuries were accidental.”  The article goes on to state that Russia believes that the US shows leniency to adoptive families in the case of bodily injury.  Personally, I think this is absurd.  The US has many advocates to protect children.  We do not protect any parent who abuses a child, adopted or biological.  The biggest loser here is the many US families that had petitioned to adopt the unwanted orphans in the Russian system.  Read the full article here . . . Continue reading

5 Things Never to Say to an Adoptive Parent

From Cell phone 11.14.12 570It drives me nuts when someone introduces my daughter as, “Meet Natalya, Susan’s adopted child.”  Really?  Just because I didn’t give actual birth to her makes me no less her mother.  I suppose some people just don’t think before they open their mouth.  I found this article so true . . . Continue reading

Thousands March in Russia Against Foreign Adoption

Russian protestAn adopted Russian 3-year-old boy died as the result of an accident in Texas.   Russians are protesting and demanding the autopsy results.  They want Russia to retrieve his 2-year-old brother and return him to Russia.  Are you kidding me?!  Where will the younger boy fit in with the already half a million orphan children?  Not to mention, when he ages out later in life?  The Russian people have many opportunities to adopt their own orphans and they refuse.  I wonder how many orphans die in their system each year without the love of a family?  Continue reading

Just a prayer for this family

Georgia FamilyThis family from Georgia wants to adopt an orphaned boy with Down’s syndrome from Russia.  Now the Russian government is telling them they cannot adopt.  What would you do if you were so close to adding to your family and the government says “no?”  Read the story here . . .


Russian Meteor Shower

The meteor shower exploded over Central Russia yesterday injuring 500+ people.  The video is frightening.  The area this happened is the eastern edge of Siberia where I adopted my daughter from.  How terrifying for everyone.   My prayers go out to all Russian citizens affected by this phenomenon.


Thoughts and Keystrokes

“Style means the right word. The rest matters little.” —Jules Renard

Adoption ~ The Highs and Lows

My journey through a Russian adoption

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